160. A modern call to arms

The coronavirus lockdown and, specifically, its exit, have highlighted significant differences between European countries. Whilst 90% of office workers in Germany, France or Spain have returned to their desks, only around 50% in UK have. The UK government is pleading with workers to return, to reactivate the economy, reassuring them returning is safe. But, alas, workers are dragging their feet. The issue is not safety but rather the daily, very long, expensive commute in overcrowded public transport or on overly congested roads. The economy has not been working for its workers for a long time. The lockdown made them realise and see an alternative, and they will not give this up easily. The time and financial savings are too significant. The government is having to resort to wartime rhetoric to try to get them back to work. Do it for your country. But 40 years of Tory governments undermining solidarity and fomenting individualism are not good preparation for such a call to arms 

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