207. The Chinese virus

The Chinese virus. The Eastern European benefit claiming immigrant. The hooded black gang member. The border breaching, dinghy equipped refugee. What do they all have in common? They are all invented monsters, sketched to elicit an emotional response and divert our focus from the real issues. They are all images conjured up by those responsible to avert our gaze from the realisation that they are not fulfilling the duty we have commended to them, in some cases in hopeless, misguided wishful thinking. In the US, UK and some Spanish regions, the Chinese virus, a natural phenomenon vested, with just that toponymical adjective, with intention and geopolitical purpose, is used to cover up the syphoning off of millions of our taxes in corrupt supply contracts and failure doomed service contracts. It is easy, for those most emotional amongst us, to fall for this, to stare at the mirage, in vacuous self-righteousness, and let ourselves be driven, unwitting victims, by that imaginary focal point 

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