181. If tolerance dies, democracy dies with it

In entry 176 I stated that, if tolerance dies, so does democracy, statement which that post did not substantiate. The logic underpinning this statement is as follows: Tolerance is the acceptance of the ideas, positions and policies of the other, and their evaluation on their merit, rather than on who formulated them. The death of tolerance brings polarisation, opposing representative and voter camps fighting each other tooth and nail, refusing to accept any policy suggested or implemented by the other side. As power changes hands, the newcomers set off on an all out demolition of the initiatives implemented by the losers in the previous electoral cycle, only to see their own initiatives demolished by the other side once power changes hands again. Thus, democracy becomes dysfunctional, gridlocked, unable to make progress and fulfil its purpose, serving all citizens, engaged with destroying, rather than building, society. Only through moderate debate and compromise can democracy serve us

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