184. Would you wish Hitler a swift recovery from coronavirus?

This week on Twitter I agreed with a Trump supporter chastising anti-Trumpers for gleefully celebrating Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis and hoping for his passing. I stated that anyone’s illness is a concern, anyone’s death a tragedy. I was challenged with the argument that not everyone’s death is a tragedy and the question: ‘would you go back to 1925 and wish Hitler a swift recovery from flu?’ This is a good, and important, question. I had to think about it. Humans personalise to simplify. Hitler rose to power and changed German society supported by a large Nazi party apparatus and a dominant minority of Germans. Had he passed due to flu, Goebbels, Himmler or Eichmann would have replaced him, with the same outcomes. This applies today, even if the Hitler-Trump analogy is overstretched. What US society could really do with is a swift recovery and a landslide electoral defeat for Trump, because the real problem is not him, but those electing him and the Republican party supporting him 

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b8c said…
However, tweeting that "people shouldn't be afraid of the virus", is just plain stupidity. Even Boris managed to change his tune (albeit he got much sicker). Trump recovered so quickly because he was lucky and was surrounded with no expenses spared medical staff and treatment. His "don't be scared of the virus" is going to invoke further irresponsible and selfish behaviour. I think it's unfortunate that he didn't get a bad case - from which he fully recovered - that could have helped steer America towards a better future.

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