186. The information bubble

I am lately getting the occasional enthusiastic feedback about Twitteretter. This is welcome, and interesting. Often, the most enthusiastic feedback comes on entries which, in my mind, are not the strongest, whilst those I think the best are met with indifference (or, at least, silence). This is entirely normal. Enthusiastic feedback is elicited when the opinions, or interests, of specific entries mirror those of the reader. This, however, is not my aim with Twitteretter. My modest hope is to open minds, to get readers thinking about subjects, considering opinions, that, otherwise, they may not have. I can only hope that those enthusiastic responses to likeminded blogs will translate into closer following and greater willingness to consider the ideas in those entries which do not so well mirror one’s own opinions. Reading, and its homonym, listening, have as their main value opening one’s minds to the ideas of others, not just the endorphin loaded retribution of self-affirmation 

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