191. Llangoed Hall, old British charm

Llangoed Hall is a beautiful Powys manor house hotel in spectacular grounds on the banks of the Wye as it traverses the enchanting Wye Valley from Builth Wells to Hay-on-Wye. The hotel is exquisite in its architecture, decoration, antique furniture and Old World service. Elegantly understated, a polar opposite to the strident luxurious nouveau arrivée hotels in London, Dubai or Florida. At Llangoed time moves so slowly that it appears to have jumped fifty years back. You cannot get an espresso, or a bar meal mid afternoon. Filter coffee and food from seven. And forget a lie in, breakfast is over by 9.00, even on weekends. It’s as if the hotel expects from you British phlegm and the proverbial stiff upper lip. It’s charming like an old grandfather full of great stories and protective cares. In it, you are invisible, and others to you, even when in the same space. Its understated elegance is as relaxing as the strident showboating of its counterparts is exhausting. Progress? What progress? 

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