193. Pandemic control, the lockdown perverse disincentive

We are seeing a return to potential lockdowns as many countries are confronting the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, with colder weather in the Northern Hemisphere, the return to schools and colleges and the progressive reopening of economic activities. Most governments seem intent in using the same playbook applied last spring, when the virus caught them unawares. The last six months should have been a time in which society could prepare to control the pandemic without lockdown but, alas, we seem to be in a very similar situation to that in March. Businesses and institutions which have implemented better measures to prevent spread of the virus will be locked down, just on the basis of their postcode, in the same way as those who have not. This is a disincentive to implement effective controls, as, in the advent of a second wave, these effective controls will not prevent compulsory closure. General lockdown was understandable first time round, but a complete failure this time 

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