194. Talk tough, do nought

‘Do as I do, not as I say’ is a commonly used adage, speaking to the sense in following what people do, not their claims. I’ve observed lately, in politics, the opposite phenomenon. I am having conversations with otherwise theoretically intelligent people who seem to support politicians on the basis of what they say, not what they do, in a kind of political ‘I love it when you talk tough’. Take Donald Trump’s protestations on his tough stance on China and its CCP, talking up his trade war even though during his presidency the China-US payment imbalance has widened. Or Priti Patel’s tough talk on human trafficking, which has thrived in the over ten years her party has been in power. Failing to deliver on one’s words is not new in politics. What may be new is voters accepting it, even enthusiastically embracing it, because, despite all evidence, which is actually readily available, they rather listen to the words and follow the liars on a sado masochistic trip down Virtual Alley 

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