197. Conservatism or reactionary anachronism

There is currently a big storm brewing in the US over the nomination of Amy Comey-Barrett to the US Supreme Court by incumbent president Donald Trump. Justice Barret is described by the media as being conservative, spousing, amongst others, anti-abortion views and the opinion that the existence of climate change and the fact that it is human caused is a matter of opinion. Abortion is a complicated issue and I will steer clear of it. But man made climate change is scientifically proven nowadays. The scientific method has been extensively used since the XVIII century, bringing about incredible progress and huge increases in standard of living and live expectancy, amongst other things. Denying scientifically proven fact is not being conservative, it is being anachronistically reactionary and dishonest (either with others, if the defended position is not believed, or with oneself if it is). If only the media would describe Justice Barrett in the right terms, not the misleading conservative 

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