209. The arrogance of governments and political advisors exposed by coronavirus

Extraordinary circumstances, and I am sure readers will agree that the coronavirus pandemic qualifies as such, require extraordinary measures. If these are to be taken, public support is necessary. Our political class, however, has become used to a time of such peace and prosperity (in our First World cocoons) that allowed them to get away with confrontational, tactical politics, focused on short term political gain in detriment not only of political opponents but, if necessary, of large swathes of the population. Political thinking has become accustomed to short term electioneering, regardless of consequences, invariably mild and forgiving. But this time is over. The coronavirus pandemic heralds a new age of global challenges, with climate change, extreme inequality and people displacement hot at its heels. The arrogance of Teflon leaders and their advisers will not do in this new playing field. Current times need society building, statesman like politics back, if we are to survive 

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