210. The lady is not for turning

The title of this post is a famous Margaret Thatcher quote, gleefully repeated and celebrated by her fans. Thatcher was a clear exponent of the strong leader. One that sets a course and will not be diverted. Not by difficulty, not by obstacles, but not by new information or improved analysis either. In today’s politics, you see, changing direction, because of the legacy of Thatcher and a few others, carries a huge penalty with electorates. It is politically more damaging to realise a mistake, admit it and correct it than, having realised the mistake, ignoring it and persevering on the set course, hoping to steamroll through difficulties and somehow come out at the other side, maybe not completely unscathed, but proud. It is a sort of modern homage to the plight of Odysseus, who, toyed with by the gods, sailed through endless tribulations to reach home. Sadly for us, when our leaders imitate him, our Ithaca does not only not get closer but, if anything, at times it gets further away 

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