212. New rules for the wealthy, or money rules

Last week in UK we learnt of a Conservative government plan to exempt for hedge fund managers, company managers and City dealmakers flying into UK of quarantine requirements. The stated rationale, if you care to listen, is that they are not a risk, as they fly in by private jet, use private cars and do 4-5 meetings in a day and fly out. This is disingenuous. For a start, it shares with Trump the unusual notion that people cannot get infected in a car. Secondly, the exempt will be meeting with people in UK, otherwise, what is the point in coming? And further, 4-5 meetings in a day can be done online. In fact, merger and acquisition activity in UK has been strong in the last 6 months, with many deals completed fully online. The exemption seems based in the very Tory notion that the wealthy are not infectious, that they know better and can avoid contagion, unlike the poor, who are also stupid, as their poverty clearly indicates. The virus is not only part time, but also reversely elitist 

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Ana said…
They are above all....

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