214. The only effective tax increase in Europe

The Spanish coalition government has just announced its first budget with a chance of coming into effect, given the precarious balances in the Spanish Congress. Progressive newspapers hailed it as the end of austerity and neoliberalism. Conservative ones received it with the moniker ‘the only effective tax increase in Europe’. I guess, given its moderation, it is difficult to criticize it on grounds of radicalism or fiscal irresponsibility. But there is no need. Single it out as going against perceived wisdom elsewhere, that should be enough to discredit it. Change, positive or negative, is only possible by being, at some point, the only something doing something. Without this pioneering, adventurous self-exposure, change is not possible. I, for one, am happy to see change. We know the status quo is not working for many. We know policies which are possibly sensible and logical elsewhere in the EU may not work in Spain. Thus, differing, in this case, is not good or bad, it just is 

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