217. Is the justice system about who has the better lawyers?

I’ve been listening to Trump in the aftermath of the US Presidential Election, whilst ballot counts in battleground states proceed at glacial pace. This is a dangerous exercise one needs to be well prepared psychologically for, but it is important. I am struck by his latest complaint, that his strategy to challenge ballot counts in the courts is failing not because of a lack of evidence or basis, which he does not see as the weakness of his position, but because his legal team is not good enough. This assessment is borne from his experience of the US legal system, and let’s face it, few outside the legal profession have more than him. Trump is, inadvertently, highlighting and denouncing a worrying evolution of US justice: The fact that those with the better legal team, i.e., those better resourced, have an expectation of victory, regardless of their claims’ merit. Let us remember one of the maxims at the centre of democracy, ‘All citizens are equal in the eyes of the law’, and reflect 

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