220. RealDonaldTrump

Assertiveness is a valued trait in our modern, often aggressive society. The outgoing president of the USA tried to use it when claiming, during the ultimately indicting US presidential elections just held, States where he was on track to lose the vote. The rationale was: ‘if I claim brashly enough, maybe I will own’. Luckily, this is not how democracy works and the one in the US, despite significant undermining lately, is still functional enough to brush off such a guileless attack. But this claiming to own is not new to Trump. When joining Twitter, Trump claimed all identity associated to the Donald Trump name. He attempted, with his handle, to trademark Donald Trump to himself. What about all others who happened to also be called Donald Trump, many before him? Are they not real? Granted, most of them will probably already be motivated to change their name to avoid associations with a histrionic, chaotic an unedifying public figure, but surely the decision should be ultimately theirs? 

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