222. The restitution of Major Trapero

In amongst all the US presidential election kerfuffle many, even in Spain, may have missed the sentence of the trial against Josep Lluis Trapero, the ex-commander in chief of Catalonian police, accused of rebellion by Spanish prosecutors. Major Trapero has been exonerated, to the chagrin of Spanish nationalists and the elation of Catalonian ones. The former will see it as evidence of a corrupt court system soft on independentists, the latter as evidence of an oppressing Spanish state. Both are extreme interpretations. It is no more than the completion of a normal process in society and evidence that the separation of powers in Spain is alive and well. An accusation with sufficient merit is brought, heard and adjudicated on the basis of the case built. For justice to be done, however, we still need to see Trapero restored to his role, if he still wishes to fulfil it, and the mitigation of any pecuniary and other personal damages the ultimately unsuccessful prosecution may have caused him 

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