223. Hips up narcissism

After far too much political posting of late, today I want to divert to a phenomenon which has been concerning me for a while. I will call it ‘hips up narcissism’. With this I am referring, in particular, to a significant percentage of the younger male population’s obsession with building up their upper bodies and cultivating their beards. We concerningly seem to be evolving in a direction in which self body image is becoming, or in fact has already become, much more important than intellectual development. But, even if we are to accept this disappointing trend, we still have the hips up problem. In most of these cases, narcissism seems to stop at the hips. My observation of most of these ‘gym types’, as we can call them for economy, is that leg day is often, if not always, skipped. They seem to hold the shared belief that the body does not exist below the hips, or maybe they just expect interactions to be conducted over a table, hiding lower limbs? I blame half-length mirrors myself

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