225. The apostrophe, such an essential tool in a Twitteretterer's arsenal

It is so slender, so light, so visually unobtrusive, that it is easy to miss the great contribution the apostrophe makes to our language. Its elegant economy reminds you of Seb Coe’s gait or Hemingway’s prose. Just ‘, instead of ‘of the’. Such a saving! Most of us likely to go our whole life without ever noticing its contribution, missing, in our distraction, its power to simplify. Some of us may notice, at some point, but fail to grasp its importance. Probably use it sparingly, randomly alternating it with its much heavier, clumsier cousin. It is not until you start a project like Twitteretter, until every single character counts, that you come to appreciate the apostrophe in its full glory, its full power. I could not have kept my bargain, achieved my self-imposed limit whilst keeping my entire meaning, without its invaluable help. I know not how it came to be, or to whom we owe this magical resource. Even this small, inadequate homage, would have exceeded its length limit without it 

Length: 1,001 characters


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