226. The kingdom of share

Don’t get excited, this is not a post about a fabulous land where inequality crushing solidarity rules. It refers, on the other hand, to the rule of audience share above all else in media, driven by a need to sell advertising to finance the production, or acquisition, of content. The loss of reputation Donald Trump has suffered during his presidency, racking up a set of criminal and corruption accusations that would have made Bugsy Siegel proud, would, in other times, make him untouchable, turn him into a pariah, compel him to abandon public life and adopt a low profile. Not today. I expect that, soon after he leaves the presidency, which he will ultimately do, and regardless of the outcome of the barrage of lawsuits which may closely follow his stepping down, Trump will have his own TV program in one of the main networks, likely Fox, or even his own network, from where his divisive, dishonest message will continue to be amplified to a large, loyal following. Share above all else 

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