229. No way back

We are a few weeks away from the end of the EU withdrawal transition period, and a new YouGov poll tells us that 51% of Brits are against Brexit, with 38% still for it. The anti-European sentiment fanned by the populism of Farage and Johnson, Britain’s pied pipers of Hamelin, is receding. Alas, there is no mechanism for reversal. Even though we know stopping Brexit, remaining, would make us all immediately more prosperous, in the UK and Europe, and more relaxed, and happier, and less ashamed, there is no path for the change of mind. On we march. The Light Brigade. Leonidas’ 300. The wise know not to decide the important in anger, to leave sentiment for leisure. But we were not wise. And the pied pipers keep on playing, leading us to the cliff. We follow, hypnotically , against our will, or rather devoid of will. Tired. Disillusioned. Defeated, after many sang victory songs on referendum day, before we knew the wrong battle had been fought and, vanquished or victors, we all lost 

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