233. The crocodile in the White House

Winston Churchill had talents. Not as many as British folklore might claim, but significant. Maybe his greatest was his turn of phrase and ability to coin memorable quotes, such as: ‘An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last’.  Churchill was referring to how pre WWII allied policy fed the Nazi rise in Germany. He might well have told the same to Republican Senators during Donald Trump’s impeachment hearing. By absolving him regardless of evidence and with near unanimity, the GOP helped feed Trump’s narrative of being unjustly prosecuted by the establishment amongst his base. This is the same narrative fuelling his rigged election claims and refusal to concede, imbued with credibility by that failed and delegitimised impeachment process. And Republicans are appeasing him again, expecting a different outcome from the same behaviour, hoping Trump will suddenly abandon his narrative just like Chamberlain and Daladier hoped Hitler would suddenly start liking Jews 

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