234. We are getting rid of the uniforms, but are we getting rid of the uniformity?

One interesting and, from my perspective, welcome trend in business habits evolution is the gradual but undeniable superseding of the business uniform. During my business life I’ve seen first the tie, then the suit and ultimately the shirt and shoes give way to jeans, tshirts and trainers, adding welcome colour and variety to the working environment. However, whilst we are allowing aesthetic personality into the business environment, are we allowing real personality? We may dress differently, but I am still impacted by the uniformity of thinking, attitudes and methods. Business schools churn out uniformity of substance, if not of appearance. Managers, leaders and even employees share the same understanding of the purpose of business, the nature of workplace relationships and the suitability of methods, metrics and practices. The variety of appearance is interesting and fun for a fleeting moment only. I would happily don a suit and tie if we could wear uniqueness in substance in return 

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