238. Patriotism, different things to different people

I found myself imbued in a conversation about patriotism this morning, in particular about the brand of patriotism which, in some countries, resents those who emigrate, who leave, as they see it as a slight to the fatherland (I use father rather than motherland only because father, pater, is the original etymological root of patriot). Patriotism is defined as love for one’s country and the defence of its interests. Emigrants often act not only in their own interest, but also that of their country. By leaving when there may be little opportunity to develop and work, they release pressure on services and on their families. Whilst away, they send money back, contributing to the development of the local economy. And they often return, to invest and spend their hard earnt wealth in what they still see, despite many years abroad, as their home country. You could, in fact, think of the love of emigrants for their country as unrequited, unwavering, faithful love, the most generous kind 

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