245. Lockdown over

The second lockdown is over. Vaccines are arriving, to rescue peace of mind and way of life. The future, for the first time in months, looks bright, as illustrated by the furious, exuberant, wide eyed growth in stock values. Where the first lockdown provided opportunity for reflection, reassessment and self-discovery, the second gave us only boredom, frustration and a clear will to regain normality, whatever that may mean. Some things have changed forever and some processes, already underway, have accelerated. Our way of life, post pandemic, will not be quite the same as before, but the nature and magnitude of the changes is yet to be seen. Like all catharses, this one brought pain and opportunity. It showed us the power of international cooperation, data sharing, global consortia, of (most) citizen responsibility and our quasi unlimited capacity to adapt. These may all be abandoned, now the challenge may be receding, to return to old ways. But maybe, just maybe, we’ve learnt something? 

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