250. Solidarity, not as rare as you think

The Connollys, a Northern Irish couple who won £115 million on the National Lottery, have been revealed to have donated more than half their winnings to charities and people in need, whilst spending little on themselves. This may be surprising to many, but it is not. A win such as this equips you with the financial security most of us miss nowadays and allows you to live your normal life without pressure, after maybe indulging a couple of expensive whims. Having done that, one soon realises that keeping the balance in the bank, voyeuristically staring at it, or even investing it to try to grow it, is an empty endeavour, and that money is best used where it makes the most difference and, in doing so, where it gives the most satisfaction to those giving it. The Connolly’s behaviour is normal, logical and intelligent. What is not normal is the behaviour and drive of incessantly accumulating millionaires and billionaires, who take a much needed resource from the system for no known purpose 

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