253. Galicia, the beauty without the marketing

Galicia is the North West region of Spain, with over 2,000 kms of coast, from the rugged Northern cliffs at San Andres to the Southern gentle bays of Rias Baixas. Beautiful fishing towns and no end of golden beaches, in all shapes and sizes and with all temperaments of sea. A twin of the Californian Coast, I can draw a parallel for anywhere on it you care to mention. For Big Sur, Ortigueira; La Jolla, Sanxenxo; San Francisco, A Coruna; Carlsbad beach, Carnota; Pacific Grove, San Vicente; Laguna Beach, Baiona; Huntingdon Beach, Pantin; for Mavericks, Nazaré (granted, just down the road, in North Portugal); Rocky Point, Punta Cabicastro; Mission Bay, A Toxa; Alcatraz, San Simón. But Galicia doesn’t market as well as its alter ego. Where California builds Jake’s or Rocky Point Restaurant, big investment and exorbitant prices, we invest little to do excellent, cheap food. Easier, less demanding, more relaxed and rewarding. Missing Hollywood’s allure and Las Mamás y Los Papás, Galicia dreaming, though 

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