254. Ardern's apology

Most may have missed it, with everything else going on in the news, but a few days ago Jacinda Ardern apologised publicly for failings of the New Zealand security forces which contributed to the Christchurch terror attack. The apology issued was unmitigated and accompanied by an explanation of corrective actions taken to do better going forward. This should be common fare in politics. After all, mistakes will happen and, when made by those in power, will have serious consequences. But, alas, apologies are rare nowadays. It is unthinkable that the present leaders of the US, the UK or even Spain would have the political courage to apologise in similar circumstances. They rather double down on a mistake, with the complicit acquiescence of their voting base. Misguidedly, they think apologies show weakness, when only the strong have the courage to issue them and face their consequences, whatever they may be. I used to envy New Zealand their rugby, now I envy also their leadership

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