255. Last Twitteretter, last chance to say something

Twitteretter keeps progressing, according to my initial aims. I still have over 700 entries to write over two more years. This gives me the luxury to be somewhat unselective as to what I cover, as I have plenty of chance to cover everything I may be, or become, interested in. I am currently in what an economist would call a situation of abundance. However, this will change, as I suddenly realised today, when weighing four article ideas knowing full well I do not have to choose between them. What choice will I make when 1,000 entries are behind me and I can only write one more? When I reach maximum scarcity? I’ve always thought success and happiness are predicated on having choices, on engineering situations in which, when confronted with a difficult choice, you have the resources to not choose, to take both desired avenues, because you have the time, the money or the energy needed to do so. One thing I know for sure, that difficult moment will not make me start Twitteretter Edition Two 

Length: 1,000 characters


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