257. Can Twitteretter become highly contagious?

The term R zero number has become familiar, due to the coronavirus pandemic, to many more people than it used to be. I think the concept is only just faintly grasped by most, but that is a start for sure. The problem with coronavirus is that, if unchecked, it has a very high R zero number (anything over 1 is high) and as a result it will spread like wildfire through a population. As a writer, of course, I want my work to be read by the highest number of people possible. This means Twitteretter needs to have a high R zero number. If you support my aim and believe Twitteretter to be useful or interesting, the way we can achieve a high R zero can be modelled on the virus spread. You need to read the articles and convince more than one person to not only do the same but also convince a subsequent person to do those two things, and so on. This would bring wildfire to the Twitteretter readership. It sounds easy when you look at it that way, and I really think we should give it a go

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