261. Shed your fears, become free

I have been having a few conversations of late with people who are considering changing careers. They are well paid, successful, but profoundly dissatisfied in their professional life. This is not unusual, we often choose careers combining intrinsic factors, such as what do I enjoy and what satisfies me, with extrinsic ones, where are the best employment opportunities and the biggest salaries. Extrinsic motivators tend to wear out over time and, if we initially prioritise them over intrinsic ones, which are more durable, we can find ourselves in this position. Unfortunately, career changing carries a big penalty in loss of income and status when you start again in a new field, and this penalty makes changing intractable for many. But it should not be. You have only one life and you should use it free of the chains the system restrictions impose on you. Shed your fear by imagining how you can be happy on a lower income and a more meaningful job, and make the change, while you still can 

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