264. Passion and curiosity, XXI century tools

Curiosity and passion are historically interesting. At many times in history, probably most, they could bring about strepitous downfall. But today, in most walks of life, they are the key to not only success, but also happiness. At a time when information, data and calculation abilities are no longer advantages, and when things change so quickly that our capacity to adapt is continuously challenged, the most important assets education can give young people are passion and curiosity. The passion and curiosity which will drive them through an uncertain, rapidly evolving environment in which jobs for life and single field careers are but a distant memory and in which those able to take advantage of the inherent system’s flexibility will flourish, whilst others will flounder. Gone is the time to teach information and exercise memory, replaced with a time for rapid experimentation and ultimate adaptation. This can be terrifying or incredibly exciting, depending on the tools in your toolbox

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