265. Remain… agreement… not so good agreement… no deal Brexit… unprepared Brexit

In two weeks the UK will abandon the common European project. To some, hankering for an imperial grandeur which will never return, to others, to enjoy the freedom to individualistically grab opportunities offered by a changing environment and to build a new greatness. We don’t yet know the final terms, but what we do know is that the status has evolved from Remain (pre-referendum) to Leave with agreement, to not so good agreement, to no deal Brexit to a further stage, which many are not even aware of, fully unprepared Brexit. If anyone had told us in May 2016 that the UK would be leaving the EU and UK companies would, 2 weeks before, not know on which terms, that the bureaucratic system needed to support transition would not exist, we would have thought this prediction fanciful or worse, interestedly defamatory. That is, however, exactly where we are. At the very worst possible end of the range of possibilities on offer at the start. By design or ineptitude? It does not really matter 

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