273. Possible word choice error

This seems to be a new MS Word feature, or maybe one I had not noticed before. Word is now not only helping writers with orthography, but braving the much more complex realm of vocabulary, grammar and sentence building. And here, I must say, it still needs significant work. I do not normally encounter the title message when writing professionally, but I often do when writing Twitteretter. Word is not being trained, I guess, on the nuances of turn of phrase and artistic use of language, but on its much more prosaic utilitarian use. This is logical. Whilst I would be willing to accept help when writing for strictly utilitarian purposes, and I am happy for others to receive it when doing the same, I think writing for pleasure, one’s own or that of others, is a very personal pursuit in which any help received must come from others equally artistically inclined, and not from machines. This may change one day, but the perfection that may be achieved may kill the beauty of near perfection 

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