275. The shower door

As a species, humanity’s technological accomplishments are, to our current knowledge, unparalleled. We’ve mastered fire and electricity. We’ve escaped our gravitational earthly prison, sending satellites and even people into orbit. We have put men on the moon. We are sending probes to faraway planets, have connected our whole species via the miracle of real time communication and are in the cusp of domesticating quantum theory to build computers. We are now even attempting to create intelligence, in our image, but more powerful. Despite such staggering shows of prowess, there are some challenges, some problems, that still escape us, and may do forever. The shower door, for example. My observation is that we are, as a species, so far incapable of creating a shower door which efficiently fulfils its purpose, namely keeping water in and the floor outside dry. However modern the home, or swanky the hotel, a wet bathroom floor remains, almost always, an inescapable reality, a humility cure 

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