281. It's the democracy, stupid

The title paraphrases the Bill Clinton 1992 election campaign slogan, aiming to focus the debate on economic performance. The implication was that we are in a post-political period, where ideology is no longer important and where what matters is economic outcomes. This is a view shared by many, and the basis of most elections these days. Let’s not vote on how we may fundamentally change society to be fairer, but on how we may grow the economy so we all get a little bit more despite horrific distribution inequality. The Capitol riots, however, help us refocus. What good is it to have a reasonably good economy when the legal security afforded by democratic institutions may be in peril? How does money help you in a country run by a bully who may, at his whim, direct angry mobs against you with a single tweet? This could destroy your job, your company or even your life. If your safety and security are beholden to the whims of a sociopath and their sycophants, is economic comfort enough? 

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