285. Bad president, bad debt

I woke up this morning to news that Donald Trump is refusing to pay Rudy Giuliani for his legal services during the last months of his presidency, when he has run up a bill of staggering proportions, combination of the former’s insistence in persevering with lost legal battles and the latter’s extortionate fees. This is not surprising, but rather the chronicle of a death foretold, to borrow a Garcia Marquez title. To paraphrase Albert Einstein, it is lunacy to expect results to change when all else remains the same. Mr. Trump does not pay, unless he really has to, for services or even taxes. He has built his alleged fortune and destroyed his reputation by following this simple method: Take goods and services, only pay after long protracted legal processes that not all suppliers can either afford or have the energy for. It works for many, like him, born into money and privilege. I will watch with interest, amusement and a cold beer that ultimate of pathetic battles, Trump vs Giuliani 

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