288. Modern day slavery

My recent post 284 referred to the start of the slip in standards in the UK post Brexit. The Independent informs us now of plans by the UK government to scrap the 48 hour maximum working week limit. This fits with Conservative neoliberal ideology, let the market fix working hours, let workers work as much as they like, which works (sic) just dandy for business in what will be a employers’ market. Many will have to work more than 48 hours and, as a result, lower the value of labour and relinquish rights gained in the social battles of the XIX and XX Century. Since Brexit was fuelled by fond memories of Britain’s global position in the Victorian era, a return to Victorian conditions is perversely fitting. Thus, the completely predictable progression towards a UK whose competitiveness is based on the erosion of food and environmental standards and of workers rights will continue as expected. It would all make perfect sense, if workers had not voted for it. Turkeys and Christmas come to mind 

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