291. What do presidential pardons tell us about Donald Trump?

Donald Trump has issued his outgoing presidential pardons. Categorising the pardons can be quite informative about the mind of this president and his acolytes. A few rappers for illegal possession of firearms, I guess pandering for sympathy from their many followers. Many other black people incarcerated for the same crime remain unpardoned. Several fraudsters and embezzlers. Understandable, as this kind of behaviour is standard fayre for Trump himself. One pardon to a proven industrial secrets thief. In Trump’s mind, business is war, and in love and war, everything is allowed. Therefore, this is fair enough, if Google allowed this secret to be stolen from them, that is their problem and they should be afforded no legal protection. And finally, one for acting as an agent for a foreign government which, on the basis of significant evidence, Mr. Trump has done himself. You certainly cannot fault the guy for consistency, he pardons as he acts, which is his equivalent to do as you preach

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