292. The impeachment record set by Joe Biden

One day after Joe Biden’s inauguration, republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has issued articles of impeachment against him, based on debunked conspiracy theories of corrupt practices related to Hunter Biden’s business dealings and election fraud. The process is doomed to failure, given democrat control of House and Senate, but it is a timely reminder of the precarious position US democracy finds itself in after years of organised, meticulous attack. Greene is an affiliate of QAnon, a cult which believes a deranged narrative of politicians in power and captains of industry being child rapists, murderers and cannibals, akin to the narrative about Jews which took a similar cult to power in 1930s Germany, with well known global consequences. The problem is, she has been elected to congress on that ticket. Many may have thought, after Trump’s defeat, that US democracy had been saved, but we are not out of the woods yet, the election was a stay of execution, much work lies ahead

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