294. Who rules the World?

I’m reading Noam Chomsky’s ‘Who rules the World’. Chomsky is one of the great political thinkers of our age. His work is well researched, quoting over 600 references, and full of public but not commonly known facts. It is very critical of US and Israeli policies, mostly but not only in Palestine in the latter case, globally in the former. Chomsky presents them as engaged in a global fight against democracy, convincingly and with plenty of the evidence lacking from the conspiracy theories others are pushing. It strikes me that the one feature they both have in common, possibly the reason they disregard humanity’s interest to pursue political power and influence, is they both consider themselves special. Israel for religious reasons, their Doctrine assuring they are God’s Chosen People. The US for more mundane reasons, their XX century economic and political success. Isn’t the World far too small today to regard humans one side of an arbitrary line as better than those the other side?

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