302. Can training and skills go too far?

It has lately come to my attention that some corporate organisations are training their employees to help them identify internet scams. Phishing and the like. This is sensible, and these skills are eminently necessary to safely navigate treacherous internet waters. However, some are complementing this training with paying organisations to send their employees phishing emails, to keep their skills sharp. A kind of perverse ‘practice makes perfect’. I probably draw the line at this point. Most working people are already busy enough, and have to contend with enough phishing, spam and everything else. Now, you can add the low level anxiety of what might happen if you mistakenly click on a phishing link from your employer to the low level anxiety caused by what may happen if you click on a phishing link from a bona fide hacker. And, by the way, bona fide and hacker are two expressions I did not expect to ever use in the same sentence so, for this rare paradox opportunity, I am grateful

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Ana said…
😂You use bona fide bcz they hack for real, as opposed to the boss'footman, aren't you?

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