304. The sheriff of Nottingham strikes back

In Twitteretter 300 I took advantage of the name Robin Hood, used by the stock trading platform, to try to draw a connection between investment and classical literature. Now the SEC has decided to join the party, by allowing the analogy to continue. It seems that regulations need to be strengthened, to avoid this kind of action, a group of small investors playing havoc with the shorting strategies of the big hedge funds, bringing volatility into the market. The SEC is assuming the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham, determined to keep the status quo steady, to protect the mechanism that, slowly and without volatility, transfers wealth from the poor small investors to the wealthy funds. It seems that the system was so much about that at the time of the Crusades as it is today. I cannot wait to find out which person or organisation takes on the role of Maid Marian, although it must be noted that in Howard Pile’s original her role was much more peripheral than in later movie adaptations

Length: 997 characters


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