305. Have small investors joined the working class?

In socioeconomic terms, one of the salient developments of the XIX Century was the inception of the International Workingmen’s Association, founded in London in 1864 to organise workers globally for the class war against the abuses of capital, under the slogan ‘Workers of the World unite!’, borrowed from ‘The Communist Manifesto’ by Marx and Engels. A movement of such global reach was a huge undertaking with the communications of the day. Today, workers no longer unite, uninterested in class war, aspiring to individual success, to abandon the working class, rather than lift it into comfort, prosperity and freedom as a group. A shame, as our societies have now reached the level of wealth that would allow general prosperity if distribution were right. The events around Gamestop and Robin Hood last week, however, showed a new kind of social revolt, that of small investors against hedge funds. Seems like even small investors have joined the proletariat, the many, against the ever fewer few

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