307. The brave new World of customs duties

We are over four weeks into the Brexit reality, as some choose to call it. It is full of surprises, at least for those who believed the propaganda of Vote Leave in the referendum, firstly, and of the current Conservative government, later. In four weeks, we have seen significant movement restrictions, the loss of Erasmus, long queues at Channel crossings, an incredibly fast, extensive erosion of food and environmental standards in the UK, the new phenomenon of vaccine nationalism, pitching the UK and the EU in an unedified battle for stocks and, as many consumers are now finding out, customs duties. Goods we used to receive from Europe without a second thought, now require us to engage with the transport companies to clear customs and to pay the duties, certainly significant. I guess, seen the pace of the deterioration of our standard of living in the UK, the only consolation is the thought that, surely, it must slow down. It is not possible to keep this breakneck pace up for long

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