310. The strange case of Jeanne Pouchain

Jeanne Pouchain is a French woman declared dead by a Lyon court, despite being alive. Mrs. Pouchain’s unfortunate legal demise happened in 2017, the result of a judicial error. This, I guess, can happen. We all make mistakes. What is extraordinary in her case is that the courts, having made the mistake, are refusing to rectify it. They are not prepared to admit they could make such a big mistake. They are, like many people do nowadays, doubling down. Caught on a lie? No matter, double down, pile lie on top of lie, come out at the other end, UK Prime Minister, or US President. You brought about climate change by over contaminating? No matter, pretend climate change doesn’t exist, contaminate further. Come out at the other end a superpower in a dwindling World. Jeanne finds herself tied in a Gordian knot with Kafkian overtones. If you are dead, you are not even entitled to present proof that you are alive, as you need to be alive to do so. I will follow her case with utmost curiosity

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