313. Am I missing Donald Trump?

This is a question I thought I would never find myself asking. Let me be clear, of course I am not. I’ve been looking forward to Trump going away for over four years. So, why the question? I’ve noticed that, with Trump gone, my interest in US politics has dwindled, against my best judgment. Trump’s presidency worked in the same way as horror movies, keeping its shocked audience glued to the screen, clutching the armchair, watching through their fingers, waiting for the next, imminent and predictable, but still compelling, horrible moment. I always succeeded at not getting drawn into horror, with the occasional high quality exception, Kubrick’s The Shining or Hitchcock’s Psycho. But, somehow, Trump grabbed my attention, kept me reluctantly watching, sunk in my virtual chair. In doing so, he sapped my appetite for US politics, leaving little for Biden. I will, I hope, recover it in due course, in the same way one returns to a light, well structured drama, days after a traumatic horror

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