314. America, the land of opportunity... for autocratic morons

Donald Trump has been acquitted, yet again, at his second impeachment trial. The Republican party has, with some honourable exceptions, chosen to appease the Trump voter base, to not alienate them. They have not exonerated Trump, but hidden behind a technicality, their opinion that an ex president cannot be impeached. They have, again, put party before country. In trying to avoid short term electoral damage, they have set a clear precedent for the next wannabe dictator. It is worth taking the risk of trying to destroy democracy, so long as your opposition does not have a two third majority in the Senate. Worst case, if your coup d’etat fails, you just have to decamp, for a while, to a golfing resort in Florida, letting matters cool down before possibly returning, for a second, perfected attack. The Republican party is hoping the courts will wash their soiled laundry, so they can keep their hands clean. Let the judges do what those making the laws will not. It is a dereliction of duty

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