315. More's Law

You may think the title is misspelled, but it is not. We live in difficult times, when the pace of technological change is threatening the livelihood and place in the World of many, sending them adrift, victims of the system, devoid of agency. It is easy to feel that this is unprecedented, that humanity has never found itself at such a perilous and precarious crossroads. Andrew Keen, in his excellent and well researched ‘How to fix the future’, however, draws an interesting analogy with the early XVI century, when medieval man’s World was collapsing under the drive of Copernicus and Luther and their demolition of the belief system of the Middle Ages. At this other perilous time, Thomas More’s ‘Utopia’, a must read, reminded humanity that we are the pilots of our destiny, that we can achieve almost anything, use circumstance to our benefit, when we choose to collectively steer, rather than drift. This More’s Law is crucial and relevant to understanding how to navigate our World today

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