317. Unlikely birthday twins

When writing about Gamestop investors joining the Proletariat to fight capital, I discovered that I share my birthday with the International Workingmen’s Movement, born in London on 28th September 1864, exactly 107 years before I was born in Madrid. This ephemeris is exciting from my perspective and, now that I am aware of it, I may forget my birthday less often. I think, in addition to a birthday, the International, as it is oft called, and I share a number of other things, such as a wish to see fair global distribution of wealth, equal opportunity for all and solidarity amongst fellow men. This would make us both communists which, nowadays, has become quite a pejorative term, imbued with negative connotations but which is really not that bad, or not bad at all. We also share a general lack of success in those hopes and limited efforts to improve their prospects. Chances are, of course, the International will long survive me and, in so doing, will get to see what we both wish for

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