318. Lockdown hair

I’m quite enjoying my lockdown hair. Normally, I am quite traditional and unadventurous, when it comes to hair. Not because that is necessarily my personality, but because my responsibility in the companies that employ me kind of demands it. Tidy, unassuming and inconspicuous. Pretty much the same thing since I entered the workplace. Not too much of a bore so long as you are not too obsessed with self image, I guess. But lockdown has come along and I have the perfect excuse to let my hair express itself, run amok, unrestrained. The consequence is that it looks completely different everyday, just at the time when every day looks the same, an interesting contrast. The big question, of course, is what to do when lockdown is over and we carefully return to normal activity. This question, the whole of society is grappling with. What lockdown developed habits and customs to allow to survive normality? For me, my lower carbon footprint is one, free hair may be another. What are yours?

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